Way of the Rope IV – Coaches
Way of the Rope IV – Coaches

Way of the Rope IV – Coaches

This is a course for those who would like to have as much knowledge, ideas and philosophy on the Rope and in the way that we use it that is available to date in one place.

For those who are PTs, coaches, physiotherapist etc. or simply an extremely passionate practitioner, this is the place to further your journey.

With nearly 3 hours of concise content this course is focused on helping you learn how to use the rope in the best way possible to help you or your client meet their athletic goals with enjoyment but also precision and efficiency.

This course covers:

  • 8 Chapters / 36 Videos / 2hr 45m of talks, lessons and coaching advice.
  • 6 Unique Variables we can apply to our practise or creating  programs that offer untold potential as a Coach.
  • 8 Patterns Practical Applications and how to teach them.
  • Deep dive into Footwork to take the practise to the next level.
  • Coaching Demonstration - Unedited footage of me teaching both a complete beginner and an intermediate practitioner.
  • 20 minute Lecture on the Rope; what it does and its applications.
  • Additionally – Myofascial Release recommended tools/application, Posture/Strength training advice, thoughts on Footwear.

This the understanding and application of the Rope and what is taught in this course can help all athletes become better as is the power of the Rope. From Running, Tennis, Golf, Boxing, Martial Arts, Basketball, 

Also.. it includes access to a private group only for those who have purchased this specific course for any further questions pertaining to the content and other related subjects to help build a community of coaches/passionate practitioners with aligned awareness.

*It is recommended that you have put at least 40 hours in on the rope before considering this course as well as having a good grasp on most of the patterns & flows in the Intermediate course.

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Ian M.
United States United States

I found this to be very effective. Concise direction is difficult to find with such intricate movement. These sessions provide that nicely. Thank you again, Timothy

Marc S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Excellent product

A great instructional, that is well shot and gives clear advice on how to progress. Highly recommended.

David R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
OZ Palmer

Tim is a great teacher. I love his wide perspective on the topic as well as trying to explain it simple as possible. Tim actually got me on the rope and changed my life. Thank you

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Essential for a rope enthusiast

Rope training is now firmly rooted into both my physical and mental well-being. Tim’s courses have undoubtedly helped me to progress and I am constantly revisiting the video’s to refine and improve my technique. I’ve tried several different ropes in my rope journey but the 3 options available from Tim are in my opinion; excellent quality, allow the best movement and feedback.