Coeur de Lion – Heavy Rope
Coeur de Lion – Heavy Rope
Coeur de Lion – Heavy Rope
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Coeur de Lion – Heavy Rope

Named after King Richard I's (aka Richard the Lionheart's) sword, this intermediate rope is silver and weightier to match its namesake.

24% heavier and thicker than the Golden Teacher, the extra weight draws the recruitment of more muscle fibres to stay stable and fire up more connections as you roll.

Rolling with this rope is great for getting a more muscular workout and embedding the patterns deeper into your body.

I would only recommend this rope for those with some experience rolling with a lighter rope first, as it can be taxing on the core and works the obliques in a way they might not be used to.



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Ian M.
United States United States
Thank you Timothy!

I'm so grateful for you. Know that I've been a fan since the days of Livewire, while on my own journey in life and discovering all the gifts of movement. Always hungry for new ways discover my true self, the rope, and particularly the feedback it provides, has been paramount at revealing my internal connectedness. Again, thank you

Martin M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Heavy helps

A heavier rope is an essential tool for me in my training now. It’s perfect for a HIIT workout and really embeds the patterns into your muscle memory

United States United States
A Game-changer indeed

Not only is the rope a huge benefit to the mind and body; it’s so fun and addicting, especially after you’ve noticed a big jump in improvement with it. There’s nothing like it. Thank you, Tim, for changing my life and sharing yours.

Kent K.
Norway Norway
Game changer

I got this after doing the complete beginners guide with the GT and this was definitely a step up in intensity. The handles are thicker so it provides for more grip strength, and you feel your entire body working more to do the movements. You most certainly get more of a "pump" with this heavier rope! I found it better to use when you really want to get a workout with the rope while warming up and cooling down with the GT. Highly recommend adding this to your training tools to improve your athleticism and muscular coordination!

Thomas C. Brennan
United Kingdom United Kingdom
~ wow

I was inspired to get a "RMT" rope by Tim's youtube videos and it's easily one of the best investments I've ever made [yours/others well-being is the only long-term investment worth investing in]. I too like to spend lots of time in nature, meditating and altering my consciousness; and this really introduces a bridge between meditation and movement. The quality is impeccable and the silver appearance is absolutely stunning. It might seem expensive but, think about how much money people spend on bicycles and other sports-related equipment, or even at the dentist or a pub/bar/club. When you consider that this is a tool which can be utilised for the rest of your life, giving you amazing flexibility, it's worth every penny. I would suggest that the rope shouldn't come into too much friction with rough surfaces, like a rough concrete floor as this may damage the fibres - instead, grass, dirt/mud, water and shiny/smooth surfaces are optimal in order to avoid damaging your rope. Thank you, namaste o/