The Outside Edge Workshop || MIDLANDS – Sunday Feb 6th

The Outside Edge Workshop || MIDLANDS – Sunday Feb 6th

Possibly the most overlooked body part when it comes to training for Athleticism and yet it is the bridge between our body and the environment, the Human Foot.

Another overlooked and less understood subject for athleticism is Fascia. Fascia is like our anti-fragility Spiderman suit that lies under our skin but on-top of our muscles. I'll be taking you through what I believe are the important principles of Fascia Development and Tensioning.

I'll be covering: 

  • Toe, Sole and Foot Core Strengthening
  • Fascia Development & Tensioning
  • Foot to Glute connection/activation
  • Foot/ankle Stabilising
  • Tensegrity Training
  • 3 Key Mobility Exercises
  • Injury recovery through Meridian work

As well as 3 hours of Education on potentially game changing material you will also get FULL Access to the course online delivered through our App (launching the following day Feb 7th).


Sunday – February 6th – 1pm to 4pm


CrossFit Mercia
Unit B2, Sovereign Business Park
Hawkins Lane
DE14 1PD